Welcome to Flippr!

About the Game

Custom Rooms

With many edited or brand new rooms, Flippr Island isn't quite like Club Penguin! Access exclusive rooms like Wild Ponds, the Cafe Yard, the Gadget Room, the Gym, and more!

Custom Interface

From the second you login, you'll be greeted by an all new user interface and client! The game is faster, easier to use, and nicer looking too!

Custom Species

Gone are the days of playing as a penguin! You can enjoy Flippr as a penguin, puffin, walrus, seal, polar bear, arctic bunny, snow leopard, tundra lion, Frostbite, or Fireburn!

Custom Puffles

Adopt more cool pets than ever! Flippr features eight exclusive puffle species, like Silver, Magenta, Spectrum, or Ice Puffles!

New Games

Flippr also features a selection of exclusive mini-games that you can't play elsewhere, like Puffle Pop or Don't Crash the Hopper!

New Parties

Each month, you can experience a brand new, custom made party experience. From Ninja Parties and Music Jams, to Puffle Parties and Ice Puffle Quests, our parties are awesome!

New Content

Each week, you can read a new edition of The Flippr Times, or have fun at a mini-party. There's always something new to see!

Fast & Safe

Here at Flippr, we pride ourselves on a fast, reliable, and safe user experience. Our server technicians and executives always make sure that you are safe on Flippr, while you're having fun.

For More Information

Visit Flippr Wiki

Flippr's community runs an awesome wiki full of information about the game. You can check it out and even contribute to it! Users that make five or more wikia mainspace edits even get access to a special room!

Read Our Blog

We keep our blog up to date with the latest and greatest Flippr news. Be sure to check it out for maintenance alerts, party sneak peaks, and more! The blog is run by the Flippr staff.

Contact Support

If you are experiencing technical issues, or just have a question for our team, feel free to contact us via the support form. We will respond to your question as soon as possible.